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Believing the impossible: the use of visual metaphor to surprise accounting students

Miley, F. M., & Read, A. F. (2017). Believing the impossible: the use of visual metaphor to surprise accounting students. Paper presented at the BAFA Accounting Education SIG Annual Conference 2017, Cardiff.

Abstract:  To explain the concept of faithful representation in accounting, four works of art were presented to students.  By using the works of art as visual metaphors for different artistic approaches to faithful representation, students were able to construct shared meaning that helped them understand the application of faithful representation in an accounting context.  In this research, we explore the responses of the students to the works of art, how the art-works created dialogue that helped students to construct meaning in accounting, and student responses to the use of visual metaphor as a teaching technique in accounting.

Full paper is available from ResearchGate


Making accounting interesting: Achieving the impossible through storytelling?

Lenses of LearningMiley, F. M., & Read, A. F. (2013). Making accounting interesting: Achieving the impossible through storytelling? In Flood, A. & Coleman, K. S. (Eds.), Disciplines: The Lenses of Learning (pp. 111-122). Champaign, Illinois: Common Ground Publishing LLC.


This research examines the use of creative student-led story presentations to overcome negative perceptions about accounting. It compares two groups of students: one group is enrolled in an accounting degree and the other group is studying a single course of accounting in a non-accounting degree program. While the non-accounting students responded positively and their perception of accounting was enhanced, there was little change in the attitude to accounting of the group enrolled in an accounting degree. Reflections on the results, the different responses of the two groups and the potential of creative storytelling approaches in university teaching conclude this chapter.

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