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Peer teaching for life-long learning skills

Miley, F. M. (2004). Peer teaching for life-long learning skills. Academic Exchange Quarterly, 8(2), 254-259.


The use of peer teaching has been incorporated into the teaching of accounting at the Australian Defence Force Academy.  This has created an environment where students take more responsibility for their own learning and become self-regulated learners, which is critical to the development of life-long learning skills.

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Modern warfare techniques come to business education: Net centric learning as a targeted graduate attribute

Miley, F. M., & Read, A. F. (2010). Modern warfare techniques come to business education: net centric learning as a targeted graduate attribute. Paper presented at the 2nd International Conference on Business and Management Education, Bangkok, Thailand.


Net centric warfare is a modern approach to military engagements whereby information flows are more efficiently and effectively managed to neutralise military targets. This research shows how the principles of net centric warfare were adapted to develop a concept of net centric learning, which was used as an approach to group work with post-graduate business and management students. The approach was developed in response to a student survey that identified a need for targeted graduate attributes that developed team bonding skills, workplace communication and the ability to work in teams. Through the application of net centric principles to group work, the need to develop the graduate attribute of being able to work under pressure was also identified. The development and application of net centric principles to group work and student response to this innovative approach are also discussed.

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