We are a husband and wife research team originally from Canberra, Australia but now based at the University of Sussex in England.  Our research interests fall into six major projects:

  • Accounting in Crises:  to understand how accounting helps or impedes society during and in the aftermath of crises. Common crises include war and natural disaster. This research project focuses on historical crises so that the longer term implications can be seen.
  • Accounting and popular culture:  to explore how accounting reflects and is reflected in popular culture in order to develop a greater understanding of the role of accounting in society.
  • Evolution of bookkeeping and accounting:  tracing the use of different forms of accounting and bookkeeping over time in order to understand the forces that led to contemporary accounting practice.
  • Re-imagining the domain of accounting:  is there more fundamental question tham: “What is accounting?” We seek to re-imagine what accounting is challenging the existing ontology and epistemology of accounting. Our tentative re-imagining redefines accounting to “information about the resources, obligations, performance or accountability of an entity that has the capability to transform the actions or attitudes of users of that information.”
  • Accounting, power and oppression:  investigating how accounting serves or inhibits the exercise of power in society with a particular focus on how power impacts on oppressed groups in society.
  • Innovation in accounting education:  to develop techniques to improve the quality of teaching and learning in accounting education.

Updates to these projects are posted to Andrew Read’s researchgate page: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Andrew_Read3.  The abstracts of all our research are published on this site along with their full citation details.  Full copies of papers are also provided where copyright allows.

If you would like to contact us to discuss our research, email Andrew Read.



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